What are Natual Wines?

These are wines made from grapes grown either organically or biodynamically with the same stringent principles carried through to the winery.

Natural Wine Vinification

This means only the most minimal intervention from the producer. Only the natural, indigenous yeasts are used, never anything modified to give flavor which comes out of a packet. There is generally no fining or filtration, so all the chunks are left in and wine is never aged in new oak as this imparts a flavor which certainly does not come from the fruit.

Little or no sulphites Wines

And finally, only the merest pinch of sulphur dioxide is added at bottling (as opposed to all through the process) although many producers add no sulphur at all; wanting to send only wines still teeming with biological life out into the world. The best of these are vibrantly alive and utterly delicious.

Please note that there is no such thing as a completely Sulfite free wine. These are produced by the yeast as a by-product of fermentation, so they will be present even if none is added. Obviously, the levels in a bottle which has had no added Sulphur are very low and most of the natural producers who do add just a pinch try to end up with a 'natural' level.

Certification for Natural Wines

There is as yet no official definition of what a 'natural' wine is and much controversy within the industry because of it. Because of the fact that we work with small growers who we trust and because we believe that the difference in taste with a wine produced as naturally as possible is instantly evident, we do not feel that any further certification is necessary. You can read more of our thoughts on the matter in Regulation in the world of Real Wine?

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